Investment Vehicles

From the basics of stocks and bonds to ETFs and Options, Canadians have a lot to choose from in terms of their investments. We'll cover the basics here.

Money Market Accounts

Safe and secure but with a low return


Investing in the Stock Market has always been a good bet, but not always

Fixed Income Securities (Debt)

A wide variety of offers and central to any portfolio.

Mutual Funds

A way to build a diversified portfolio without buying the individual stocks and bonds.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

A special investment product built to follow a specific exchange or market.

Real Estate

Own investment properties has been a classic way to wealth.

Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Targeted at the very wealthy, these funds allow direct investment into companies, often in the form of a private buy-out.

Options and Derivatives

Not for the faint of heart but special instruments that allow for high returns (with high risk)

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All articles herein are presented as an educational resource and should not be considered as professional financial or individualized investment advice. Readers should always exercise their own judgement when making any decisions about their money.